Becky Lynch may have been injured

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Becky Lynch may have been injured

During the night of SummerSlam, there were three big returns in the women's sector of the WWE, with Bayley, Io Shirai and Dakota Kai making their return to the company's rings as a stable, after the opening of the evening, which saw Bianca Belair go to stake her title of champion of the red show against the enemy Becky Lynch.

Immediately after the opening of SummerSlam 2022, at a certain point in the Nissan Stadium the entrance music of Bayley, former world champion of the WWE main roster, resounded, which was joined by two great faces now ex NXT: Dakota Kai and Me Shirai.

The three, faced the champion and her challenger face to face, without touching them with a finger, but they immediately made it clear how they are now pretenders to the title of Raw or in any case the new protagonists of the scene, with the new balances that will be changed on the WWE main roster.

The latest news on Becky Lynch

As we saw shortly before Bayley and her "henchmen" entered the scene, Becky Lynch had already left the ring, after hugging the Raw champion and congratulating her. At three o'clock, however, Becky regained the ring to defend her territory, with the athlete who, however, seemed unable to use one of her two arms in the best way.

Once the segment was over, Becky went backstage passing by the audience, like many other athletes, as the ramp to the gorilla position was very long, due to the management of the spaces in the Nissan Stadium, so many fans saw Becky walking away.

holding his right arm, as if his shoulder or elbow were having trouble. Apparently, the same doubts also came to our Ringside News counterparts, who posted a photo of the athlete on their news board, making Becky appear to be sore in her arm.

At the moment, however, we have no news on this. If the injury were to be real, it is very likely that already tonight on Monday Night Raw we will know something more, but we hope it was just a blow to the girl. Recently, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch has taken a shot at Ronda Rousey.

"I think [Ronda Rousey] doesn't respect it as much as she should. I mean, she's gone off on tangents disrespecting the sport that I've given my life to, that I love, that I obsess about. Both of us have come back from having a child, and one has come back better than ever, and one has not," Lynch said.