Finn Balor has very ambitious plans

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Finn Balor has very ambitious plans
Finn Balor has very ambitious plans (Provided by Wrestling World)

Taking a small step back before arriving at the Summerslam 2022 match that saw Finn Balor as the protagonist along with his Judgment Day against the Mysterios, a guest at the Cheap Heat Podcast, the Irishman spoke about the special connection that exists between The Demon, its dark side, and the h*ttest event of the summer.

In fact, the first time this character made his debut on the WWE main roster was in the 2016 edition of Summerslam, when he defeated Seth Rollins to become the first WWE Universal Champion. "The demon definitely has a special relationship with Summerslam.

He has had some of his most successful nights in Summerslam. I don't want to fool anyone. There will be no Demon [at WWE Summerslam 2022]. There will be no Demon in the near future]. Once we finish this story with Judgment Day, we'll get back on track with the Demon," he said.

What's next for Finn Balor?

When asked about having some creative control over this character, a darker version of himself, former NXT champion Finn Balor replied, "I would like more creative control over the Demon. Much more.

very different way if he was entrusted to me to babysit. Working with a company that has so many different levels of management and different departments that need to be kept calm, something that is lost is some of that creative license you have when you are independent.

Obviously, being a perfectionist and being something I've created, I would like more control over it, but I understand the limitations when I work for a company like WWE." When asked if it was possible to see The Demon leader of the Bálor Club, the wrestler reiterated: “There is absolutely, 100%, a chance that when the story ends with Judgment Day, The Demon could return as the leader of the Bálor Club." Speaking about the assault on RAW Talk, Finn Balor stated that he didn't like The Mysterios using clever antics to pick up the victory and therefore decided to teach them a lesson: "It's very simple.

They wanna pull that fancy stuff in the ring with us? That's not gonna fly. That's why we attacked them afterwards backstage and that will continue to happen week in and week out till they learn their lesson that they don't mess with The Judgment day.

You either rise and join The Judgment Day or continue following leaders that lead you astray, and prepare to be punished."

Finn Balor