The Usos make history again

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The Usos make history again

One of the most important stables currently in circulation on the WWE rings, if not the most important of all, is certainly the Bloodline, a team formed by the undisputed WWE and Universal champion of both Raw and Smackdown roster, Roman Reigns, and his cousins, The Usos, the tag team champions of Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw and their personal manager/advisor, Paul Heyman.

After months of internal wrangling, when Reigns was still in the beginnings of his formidable reign under the title of Universal Champion, The Usos decided to join their elder cousin, who had taken power within the family and the entire WWE, after the his turn heel, proclaiming himself Tribal Chief, also defeating both cousins.

After more than 700 days of reign titled with the title of Smackdown and after also beating the Beast of the company in that of Wrestlemania 38, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns is continuing to go far and wide in the rings of the company, not finding until now no one who can endanger his kingdoms, with the cousins ​​who, on the other hand, have also become champions of the red show for a few months, beating the RK-Bro formed by Randy Orton and Riddle.

Backstage news on The Usos

After passing the reign of a full year with the Smackdown tag team champion titles, The Usos have once again confirmed themselves as one of the most victorious teams in WWE, defending their belts from the attack of the Street Profits, in that of SummerSlam.

For the occasion, the WWE had also put up a match with a special referee, the Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, with the historic athlete WCW and TNA who made sure that the contest ended as correctly as possible. In the end, the Tribal Chief's cousins ​​won the contest, who made history for being the only team in WWE history to defend their belts in two consecutive editions of Summerslam, as reported by the profile of WWE stats on Twitter.

No other team had ever managed to do such a thing in the history of the McMahon company. Well, what can I say, a stable that continues to grind record after record that of Bloodline, with Roman Reigns who has targeted the number 800, for his Universal reign.

Recently, Bianca Belair revealed that shortly following her main roster call-up, Ford convinced her that The Bloodline members weren't twins. The EST believed this until fellow roster members corrected her: “The only other embarrassing moment I’ve had is my husband [Montez Ford] tried to rib me when I first got to the main roster.

I was talking about the Usos and I said something about them being twins. He said, ‘They’re not twins.’ ‘What?’ ‘No, they’re not twins.’ ‘Really? They look just alike, that’s crazy.’" Bianca said.