How was Ric Flair's last match?

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How was Ric Flair's last match?
How was Ric Flair's last match? (Provided by Wrestling World)

When Ric Flair announced that he would have one last match in his career, everyone worried about him and his health, but there was no lack of desire to see a legend of his caliber step into the ring. But now we have to ask ourselves: how did it go? This is why we are here today with a somewhat special and different report, where we will concentrate a lot on telling you what happened during the last match of the Nature Boy, but also giving you the results of the rest of Card.

Ric Flair shone

Before the actual match, we are presented with a video that traces how the match was born, starting from the announcement made in all the media, and the rivalry that led to the choice of the two challengers for the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

It has to be said that they did a great job building this feud and not just having a casual match without giving an explanation, they engaged in full professional wrestling style. When we return to the present, Mick Foley, The Undertaker, Michelle McCool and DDP are framed in the front row, in fact, Ric Flair himself had anticipated the presence of many colleagues and friends during an interview.

It's a shame though that WWE didn't give Charlotte Flair permission to appear, even though we know she was backstage. When the match starts, Jeff Jarret and Jay Lethal first enter and then Ric Flair's partner, or son-in-law Andrade El Idolo, who for the occasion sports a new look, but not so much that of the Nature Boy, known also for her wonderful dressing gowns.

This time he has a completely white one with details, including the characteristic butterflies, purple… but stop everyone! Under the Ric Riva dressing gown the original Big Gold Belt! Epic! Note that Ric will fight with his usual panties, but with a custom top tank top.

The announcer has a hard time announcing the match as the two sides are already throwing pieces of clothes and insulting each other in the ring, but in the end, everything goes. Ric Flair does not lose even a second and starts in the ring with Jeff Jarrett, who immediately changes his teammate Lethal.

The contest starts very slow, but the music changes when Andrade takes over because everything speeds up. The huge "SUUUUCA" that Ric makes to his opponents is epic, the audience goes crazy! Lesson learned: don't mess with The Nature Boy!

And we get it when Jay Lethal also takes a good kick in family jewels. After a while, Andrade also intervenes to knock down the two opponents and Jeff Jarrett walks away from the ring with the audience yelling at him, while his wife disturbs the fans by destroying the billboards as well.

Meanwhile, Mike Chioda continues to count until JJ returns to the ring and Andrade resumes the change after making room for Ric for a while. Probably moments like this were also created to allow time for the legend to breathe.

Having troubled Andrade, Ric Flair enters without change and applies a Figure 4 to Jay Lethal, but is interrupted by Jeff Jarrett outside the ring hitting him with his wife's heeled shoe before attacking him further, but his daughter more Nature Boy's great, Megan, grabs Jarrett's wife pissed off like a beast by the hair because it's the whole match that breaks.

Now… with all due respect to Megan, but couldn't they have put Charlotte as the manager to counter her in a less cringe way? Damn WWE!

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