John Carlan opens up on Chris Benoit

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John Carlan opens up on Chris Benoit

In 2007, former world heavyweight champion Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy and son Daniel before taking his own life. An episode of Raw was held in honor of him a few hours before all the details of the affair came to light.

Although his career would have secured him a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, the Stamford company went to great lengths to obscure his name following the tragedy 15 years ago. The Canadian is unanimously recognized as one of the most technical wrestlers of his generation, having worked in the most important American and Japanese wrestling federations.

He was a two-time world champion, having clinched the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 2000 and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2004. In a recent interview with 'Wrestlenomics', John Carlan - who spent six years in WWE covering content video - detailed how the company handled the Benoit case before and after the launch of the WWE Network.

John Carlan on Chris Benoit

“At first, the overall directive was to make Chris Benoit's name disappear. His most famous matches had to be eliminated, as well as all references and graphics. It was a long and tiring operation" - said John Carlan.

“After the launch of the WWE Network - when several years had already passed since the tragedy - it was decided to leave something related to him. We didn't want to lose the integrity of any show. On the other hand, it cannot be denied that he was a great wrestler.

Legally, the situation has changed, as has the perception of the people. Now fans can find the WrestleMania 20 main event, in which Benoit took the heavyweight title,” he explained. Former Tag Team Champion Doug Basham described what Chris was like backstage: “Away from the cameras, he was a quiet and kind guy.

I have always had a great time with him, also because he was an exceptional athlete. I am proud to have worked with a champion of his caliber”. WCW legend Konnan has reacted to Jordynne Grace's recent tweet regarding Chris Benoit.

"This is gonna be the coldest take I ever tweet on this app. I already know y’all gonna be mad. I don’t think Benoit could 100% hang with most of the present-day best wrestlers. He would not be able to remember matches.

Also, may he burn in hell, amen," - Grace wrote. "I can't believe that she would publicly come out and make an a** of herself but that ain't the first time she's had stupid takes and you know, with age comes wisdom, you'll get here soon enough."