Bobby Lashley knew he was going to be the world champion

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Bobby Lashley knew he was going to be the world champion

Bobby Lashley is experiencing something of a second youth in WWE. 'The All Mighty' had left the Stamford federation way back in 2008, with the aim of gaining other experiences around the world. The company drew him a little by surprise in 2018, making him debut the night after WrestleMania 34.

In a short space of time, Bobby established himself as one of the best superstars around. During his glorious career, the 46-year-old from Junction City has won the WWE Championship twice, the ECW World Championship twice and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship four times.

He also held the Intercontinental title twice, the United States Championship three times, the TNA X Division Championship once, and the TNA King of the Mountain Championship once. In a recent interview with 'Lucha Libre Online', Lashley revealed that he was very confident when he returned to WWE, although his age was not in his favor.

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“When I was called to return to WWE, I was already over 40. A lot of people wouldn't have agreed to get back in the game at that age, but I knew it was right to try"- said Bobby Lashley.

“I was sure I would win a world title. Thanks to the hard work, I got a lot of satisfaction and it's not over yet ”- he added. Bobby grew further during the pandemic: “I - along with Sheamus and Drew McIntyre - stepped forward during that time and proved to be performers you could rely on.

We have developed our characters and have never shied away from difficulties. Now we are helping the younger superstars on their growth journey, we want them to become the stars of the future. Retirement? The time has not yet come to hang up the boots.

I think I will have no problem figuring out when the right time will be to say enough. I feel good enough that I can hope to keep fighting until I'm 50”. Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush has been recapping his experience of teaming up with Bobby Lashley.

"Me and Bobby didn't really know what we were doing or where it was going or leading to. But we feel like we definitely had each other and in that situation and that moment. And, you know, figuring things out. So I was gonna get in with being proactive with social media, skits, and promos for social media, to kind of, you know, get some feedback from the audience and the fans and see what they wanted to see out of the pairing."