Eric Bischoff on Bruce Prichard and Triple H

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Eric Bischoff on Bruce Prichard and Triple H

Eric Bischoff spoke about Bruce Prichard on the "83 Weeks" podcast, as well as his role in the new era of WWE without Vince McMahon. “I can’t imagine that Bruce is going to do anything other than continue to be successful in WWE,” Eric Bischoff said during the latest episode of the “83 Weeks” podcast.

“There’s history and politics, some of it I’m aware of, some of it I’m not, to be honest. But let’s just put personalities and politics to the side for the moment — you can’t make them go away because they’re always there, but let’s just put them off to the side.

You’re Triple H, you’ve got a pretty big job ahead of you getting that locker room from a human resources point of view, you’ve got a pretty big job ahead of you right there."

Eric Bischoff on Triple H, and his role in WWE's future

Much is expected from Triple H in the upcoming period.

His job will not be easy, but he is aware of what is expected of him and what he has to show. Great responsibility brings with it various moves that Triple H will surely have to make. “And you need to start focusing on talent; you can’t take your foot off the gas and get back to that six months from now because there’s going to be a point, some time, and that six months is going to go, ‘Whoa, wish we wouldn’t have taken our eye off the ball.’ You’ve got to keep that process running, and I’m guessing I don’t know Triple H on a personal level, but I do know him from working with him.

He’s going to be pretty hyper-focused. He’s going to have to hyper-focus on multiple things, but that’s one thing he is going to be really focused on,” said Eric Bischoff.