Is Killer Kross interested in returning to WWE?

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Is Killer Kross interested in returning to WWE?

In the last few weeks in WWE, there have been several major shocks that have changed the fortunes of the management as we knew them. After the scandal that emerged over the extramarital affairs of the old Chairman, Vince McMahon, several other important executives, such as John Laurinaitis and Bruce Prichard, have been routed from their previous roles.

Vince decided to retire permanently from the company, while Laurinaitis was literally ousted from any role in the company, while Prichard remained in the creative team, but no longer holds the role of director, instead passed into the hands of the Triple.

After these exits, several former WWE athletes, who nowadays no longer work with the company, have expressed their willingness to return to work with the Stamford-based federation, such as Maria Kanellis. Although in recent years Maria has not spared anyone in WWE from criticism, from Triple H to his wife Stephanie McMahon, up to former Chairman Vince, at the moment it seems that the retirement of the historic CEO of the company has made his wife change her mind.

In his latest post online, on her personal Twitter page, the former WWE athlete would have left the door open to a possible contact from the Stamford-based company, writing: "The wrestling world is wild at the moment.

I've always had a great working relationship with Triple H and I know Mike Bennett enjoyed his time at NXT. The right opportunity always meets talent sooner or later. If it's the right time, then it's the right time."

Killer Kross performed for WWE without a live audience for several months, and he called it a bizarre experience. In his latest interview, the former NXT Champion Killer Kross also confirmed his interest in returning to the McMahon-owned company once the old CEO left the scene.

Latest update on Killer Kross

In one of his latest online interviews, the wrestler formerly known as Karrion Kross wrote: "The music is loud ... the music is bad .... the cardio is going great ... Here is the hope that Karrion Kross will someday return to WWE."

After seeing him go from NXT to the main roster, with several gimmick changes and even a mask put on his face, without his longtime manager, Karrion Kross was not heard of for weeks, until the dismissal arrived overnight, with the wrestler who initially seemed to have big plans on the main roster, but that wasn't the case. Could the mammoth athlete be one of Triple H's next recap, following the return of Dakota Kai?