Should Bayley's stable have debuted months ago?

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Should Bayley's stable have debuted months ago?

During the night of SummerSlam, there were three big returns in the WWE women's sector, with Bayley, Io Shirai (now IYO SKY) and Dakota Kai making their return to the company's rings as a stable after the opener of the evening, which saw Bianca Belair go to give away her title of champion of the red show against the enemy Becky Lynch.

Immediately after the opening of SummerSlam 2022, at a certain point in the Nissan Stadium the entrance music of Bayley, former world champion of the WWE main roster, resounded, which was joined by two great faces now ex NXT: Dakota Kai and Me Shirai.

The three faced the champion and her challenger Becky Lynch face to face, without touching them with a finger, but immediately made it clear how they are now the new protagonists of the Raw female scene, with the new balances that will be changed in the main roster WWE.

But apparently, these plans should have emerged months ago, with the company's old Chairman, Vince McMahon, who instead rejected those plans, trashing them completely.

Backstage News on Bayley

Thanks to the latest tweets that came via Bayley's Twitter, it seems that his new stable can be called CONTROL, with the girl who has made several references to this name in her recent online interventions.

Apparently, according to reports from the journalists of the well-known site Fightful, it would seem that the idea of ​​bringing this new stable to the main roster, together with Dakota Kai, was already in the air before April, with Vince McMahon who had declined every possible slowly, trashing the idea and even firing the athlete, because according to him he was unable to carry on a character on the main roster.

In addition to the version that we are now seeing in the main roster of the stable, other formations were also planned, with for example Raquel Rodriguez or Kay Lee Ray, but with the Chairman who said no to all these ideas, calling only Rodriguez in the main roster, months ago.

If it hadn't been for Triple H, then, Io Shirai most likely wouldn't have even renewed with the company and of Control, there would never have been a trace in the rings of Raw or Smackdown, which instead became concrete in the last great ppv of the company.

She followed the post with another tweet in which she borrowed lyrics from Janet Jackson's popular song Control. "This is a story about control. My control. Control of what I say, control of what I do. And this time, I'm gonna do it my way.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Are we ready? I am 'cause it's all about control and I've got lots of it," quoted Bayley.