Dolph Ziggler is in trouble


Dolph Ziggler is in trouble

In the latest major wave of releases carried out by WWE in its rosters and hierarchies, the now legendary former English athlete, who at the time of his dismissal was head of the NXT roster as General Manager, was also included: William Regal.

After more than 20 years of career in the rings and backstage of the WWE, Regal was fired along with many other executives and road agents of the third WWE roster, such as Samoa Joe, Dave Kapoor and Road Dogg, with all these names that were all names.

trust Triple H, before Vince McMahon even entrusted his new NXT to Bruce Prichard, like the rest of the brands on the main roster. Despite everything, after these releases, a new era was born for NXT, with the second evolution of the brand that seemed to be able to take off, until the dismissal of the Chairman, who retired as CEO of the WWE, with all the creative part that is instead returned to Triple H, with the COO now in control of everything, after his father-in-law had snatched the management of his product par excellence from his hand.

Dolph Ziggler recently returned to the Monday Night RAW and interrupted Theory during his match. One of the characters on the main roster who lately had returned to show up in the NXT rings, even winning the absolute title of the brand, is the former world champion Dolph Ziggler, with the WWE Show-Off who was, however, sent back in recent weeks to the main roster, and was in a feud with Mr Money in the Bank: Theory.

Dolph Ziggler is a WWE veteran

After months without a serious direction, a narrative hole seems to have returned for Ziggler from which there is no exit, with plans for him that at the moment continue to not take off. In the last episode of his podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg also wanted to talk about Ziggler's situation, evaluating his path on the main roster, stating to the microphones of his Oh You didn't know: "I have some qualms about Dolph Ziggler.

He is one of the best workers and salespeople I have ever seen in the ring. But many times he is his own worst enemy. I just think, I don't know, it's going to be the attitude, I don't know if they're the older kids, but they don't know what to make them do.

He just goes out there and says 'Yes, yes, yes,' to anything and never does anything you say. But, I think, to date, he is one of the best bumpers in the industry, which revolves around this business."

Dolph Ziggler