Tommaso Ciampa awaits his chance

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Tommaso Ciampa awaits his chance

In the last few weeks, we have seen Tommaso Ciampa join The Miz on the Monday Night Raw TV screens, with the former NXT Champion being greatly downsized compared to the character he brought to the scene at NXT, where he was one of the best athletes around.

and where he had very high status, as one of the federation's color show veterans, having also won the major title several times. Since the advent of NXT 2.0, however, Ciampa has begun to have less and less following, also thanks to the bad writing towards him by Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard, with the two top executives of the Stamford-based company who have always treated him in the same way of a jobber of the last category and who have only given him big losses both at NXT and on the main roster.

In the end, Ciampa landed on Raw and after weeks of nothing, he was joined by The Miz as a real henchman, which is usually done at the beginning of his career, when an athlete has yet to grow and not when an athlete is at the pinnacle of his craft.

Apparently, after months spent in total oblivion, Ciampa's situation could now finally change, thanks to the return of Triple H to the command of the WWE creative team.

Update on Tommaso Ciampa

As reported recently by the well-known journalists of the Fightful Select, it seems that Triple H has important plans for his ex NXT Champion, with Tommaso Ciampa who should have a big brush up in the rings of Monday Night Raw, which will bring a new presentation to the his character, targeting his in-ring and mic skills, trying to bring out what he was when he was at NXT again.

Apparently, this seems to have been a real mission on the part of Triple H, who would be saving everything that Vince McMahon had instead trashed, like Dakota Kai or working on the return of Sasha Banks and Naomi. What can I say, a real breath of fresh air in the WWE backstage, after years of tyranny by Vince McMahon.

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo detailed the issues that Ciampa is currently facing on the main roster. "I swear bro, like I said I'm just gonna go back to I don't watch NXT so I only know Ciampa from this show, I know nothing about this guy.

Absolutely nothing bro. I just don't understand bro the thing that's really troubling me, because I also saw the, I saw Dynamite number, I think it was, oh no bro that was the Friday Night show (talking about AEW Rampage) bro, it was 331000 people."