Triple H thanks the WWE crew

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Triple H thanks the WWE crew

Delivered to the archives an edition of SummerSlam that undoubtedly had much of the touch of the new creative management in WWE. The return of the former champion Bayley, backed by Dakota Kai and Io Shirai (now Iyo Sky), was strongly supported by Triple H, who wanted to set up this new stable while Vince McMahon had in the past rejected the idea.

The decision to ban the match between Rollins and Riddle from the card (possibly to do so in Clash at the Castle) was also made by Hunter himself. SummerSlam had very positive feedback from fans on social media, who wanted to thank Triple H for their work (the hashtag #ThankYouTripleH has been trending for several hours).

Now he too wanted to comment on the success of the summer Premium Live Event, thanking the staff and professionals. This is his tweet: "The SummerSlam weekend was a demonstration of great teamwork throughout WWE."

Triple H thanks everyone

"Thanks to everyone who participated in the tryouts and to the greatest talents in the world who put on an incredible show. Thanks to Nashville and the WWE Universe. We're just getting started”.

The general mood visibly changed after Vince McMahon retired from the stage. Superstars feel freer to express their opinion and Triple H himself said he needed the collective help to keep the shack going and guarantee fans the best possible product.

Some are in any case worried about his health and the physical and mental stress that this new role may bring him, but the general hope is that everything will be for the best. We'll see what other changes will be made in WWE in the short term and if there really will be the much-talked-about return of television programming to TV-14, a rating that Raw used until 2008, before moving on to TV-PG.

It is rumored that even NXT 2.0 may somehow return to its original iteration, heavily managed by Triple H and which had blown up names like Gargano, Ciampa and many others. HHH spoke with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport during a media scrum after WWE SummerSlam.

He was asked about how he was feeling and gave a positive update. "I feel great. A glitch in the road, luckily for me it was caught, right? It took a little bit to get past it, to get over it, but I'm past it and over it.

I've got a clean bill of health. I'm 100%. I'm very aware of all of it, I'm very aware of really what is important in your life"