Pat McAfee reveals an interesting anecdote

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Pat McAfee reveals an interesting anecdote
Pat McAfee reveals an interesting anecdote (Provided by Wrestling World)

After the first Wrestlemania 38 main event, where WWE had gone to propose a new challenge between WWE Canadian Kevin Owens and Stone Cold, the company also opted for a now-classic challenge in the second evening of the event, which fans of the WWE Universe have been waiting for years, or the umpteenth clash between Stone Cold Steve Austin, the historic WWE Hall of Famer and the Chairman of the entire company, Vince McMahon, resulting from the match that the Chairman was already having with Pat McAfee.

After having gone through the entire Era Attitude of the then WWF as absolute protagonists, the two ended up separating their paths but never completely, with Steve Austin hanging up his boots for almost twenty years, with a retreat semi-permanent and with the Chairman who instead continued to work from his Stamford office and from backstage and gorilla positions around the world, until he too retired completely from WWE, after the scandal that involved him.

In all this, however, Pat McAfee has instead continued to fight, also presenting himself at SummerSlam, in a match against Happy Corbin that has entertained a lot of WWE Universe fans, just as he did the one with Theory at Wrestlemania.

Pat McAfee's anecdote

In his latest interview with the Dan Patrick Show, Pat McAfee also spoke about the famous WWE Wellness Program set up by WWE years ago, after the Benoit tragedy. "They have this whole process called Wellness Policy in WWE because, what you're alluding to, where it is, is that sometimes there are drug tests in WWE.

They have been talking for years about people not being tested, there are always conspiracy theories about everything, but I have been tested, I have given my blood to WWE several times. I am 100% serious. There are a lot of things that happen when you start injecting stuff into your body and the people here are always very energized and very emotional.

There are things that happen in human evolution and WWE evolution where you have to abide by different rules or evolve heavily. The Wellness Policy is one of the biggest ones," Pat McAfee said. Even the Friday Night Smackdown reporter confirmed how the WWE Wellness Program works very well, unlike many other wrestlers who have tried to throw mud against WWE in recent years, saying that someone was being controlled and someone else was not, at the company management's liking.

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