*Spoiler* Becky Lynch confirms her injury

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*Spoiler* Becky Lynch confirms her injury
*Spoiler* Becky Lynch confirms her injury

Becky Lynch opened the latest episode of Monday Night Raw by speaking directly to the WWE Universe and showing the old version of herself, better but equally determined. Unfortunately, in addition to the beautiful words she reserved for her former challenger Bianca Belair and herself, she told us that during her match at Summerslam she dislocated her shoulder, which led WWE to announce a hiatus for her far from the ring.

Shortly after all this talk, Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY attacked her backstage and obviously this was an excuse to push her away so that she can recover in the best possible way and with the right timing.

Becky Lynch sends a message

After everything we saw and heard on Raw, on Twitter, Becky Lynch shared a photo of her during the promo with her right arm brace that read: "The Man will be back soon," before adding: "And when he does, he'll brutally kick @itsBayleyWWE, @ImKingKota and @shirai_io." For now, Bianca Belair will have to get by on her own or almost, in fact, during the episode she was always helped by Asuka and Alexa Bliss to counter the three bullies who have come to sow chaos and destruction in the women's division of the red show, also because together with Bianca and Becky were all expecting a third wrestler to go against three, but then the Irishman got injured, so WWE found two great storyline alternatives.

It is not known when Becky will be active again, with our colleagues at Fightful saying there is a 50/50 chance that she may have to resort to an operation to fix the damage. And we obviously can't help but wish her a speedy recovery.

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Bryan Alvarez explained that a severe shoulder separation injury requires a lengthy stint on the sidelines. "There are several grades of shoulder separation; if you end up with the I think Grade III is the worst and Grade I is the least bad, it might be the other way round," Alvarez continued.

"But regardless, if you get the worst version, then you're Kota Ibushi, and you can't benchpress the bar after months and months and months. If you get the lowest grade, you may be able to work through it. So, it depends on how serious it is."

Becky Lynch

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