Raw: Bayley made a shocking gesture

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Raw: Bayley made a shocking gesture
Raw: Bayley made a shocking gesture (Provided by Wrestling World)

As we saw shortly before Bayley and her "henchmen" entered the scene at SummerSlam, Becky Lynch had already left the ring, having hugged the Raw champion and congratulated her. At three o'clock, however, Becky regained the ring to defend her territory, with the athlete who, however, seemed unable to use one of her two arms in the best way.

Once the segment was over, Becky went backstage passing by the audience, like many other athletes, as the ramp to the gorilla position was very long, due to the management of the spaces in the Nissan Stadium, so many fans saw Becky walking away.

holding your right arm, as if your shoulder or elbow were having trouble. Apparently, the same doubts also came to our Ringside News counterparts, who posted a photo of the athlete on their news board, making Becky appear to be sore in one arm.

In the end, there was also another photo that emerged online, in which Becky's shoulder could be clearly seen coming out of her natural seat, resulting in an injury.

Bayley is unleashed

During the opening of the Monday Night Raw episode aired this week, Becky Lynch wanted to confirm how during the SummerSlam dispute her shoulder came out of its seat, showing up with a brace on her right arm.

CONTROL, the stable formed by Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY attacked the Irishman with chairs, kicks and punches backstage at Raw, with Bianca Belair having to run towards her colleague to save her. Immediately after this segment, the WWE however confirmed that Becky will be out for several months with this injury, with the well-known journalist Sean Ross Sapp confirming that the injury is 100% true and that the wrestler may even need a surgical operation to fix the limb.

At the moment there are therefore no expected dates of return, but the WWE has confirmed that it will take well over a month for the girl to recover, even without giving timelines and agendas of return. Bayley has made some interesting remarks following her shocking return to WWE last night at SummerSlam.

WWE correspondent Sarah Schreiber caught up with the trio during an exclusive interview. The Role Model did not disclose too many details when asked about her return and claimed fans would have to wait. "You know, you're just gonna have to wait. Just like we did," said Bayley.

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