Raw: Theory has disappeared

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Raw: Theory has disappeared

Since winning the Money in the Bank, Theory has quickly become one of the most talked about superstars in all of WWE. After the great role he had at WrestleMania it was confirmed that the young talent (only 25 years old) was one of the favorites of Vince McMahon, who had an important push in mind for him.

Theory took part in SummerSlam, trying to cash in the briefcase in the main event between Reigns and Lesnar, but was mysteriously absent from last night's episode of Raw. WWE has not released an official statement, but it is very likely that Theory was absent due to the untimely death of his uncle on Sunday.

Theory wanted to remember him with a moving post on Instagram, thanking him for his unconditional support towards him, and then disappear from social networks.

Theory absent

In recent weeks Theory had reported several television defeats and also at SummerSlam it failed to recapture the United States Championship, losing by submission to Lashley.

Now that there is a very different rivalry for "The Almighty", it will be necessary to understand what Triple H's plans will be for the future of the young superstar on the main roster. In any case, Theory is still Mr.Money in the Bank since the referee never rang the bell, not formalizing his collection.

In recent months Theory had thrown several digs at John Cena, pushing for a match against him at SummerSlam, but there was no trace of the leader of the Cenation. The two had a brief altercation in the episode of Raw that celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Cena's WWE debut, but it all ended at that moment.

For some, the match between the two is postponed to the next edition of WrestleMania, scheduled in Los Angeles. In any case, even the experts praised Theory, recognizing its potential: one above all Stone Cold Steve Austin, who shared the ring at WrestleMania with him, spoiling how in his view he has all the credentials to break through in this business and get great satisfaction.

While speaking on his Hall of Fame show, Booker T said that Theory could beat Roman Reigns or anyone else to become world champion if it's the right situation and if he's booked properly by WWE. "It's not losing, but it's how you lose.

He could beat Roman, he could beat anybody on the card if the situation is right. If a person is unconscious when I cash in, who loses? If you book it properly, Theory is not going to be one of the guys that [sic] got the briefcase and didn't cash it in and win it. I don't see that happening."