Raw: Tommaso Ciampa begins to rise

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Raw: Tommaso Ciampa begins to rise

Welcome to another story from the latest episode of Raw. Let's begin! Welcome back The Man, we missed you! The episode opens with Becky Lynch who goes into the ring and unfortunately, we see her with a brace on her arm. After taking the microphone in her hand she tells us that at Summerslam she finally understood who she is and it is nothing that she has been carrying out for a year.

She then adds that during her Summerslam match she dislocated her shoulder and struggled through the pain, but even though she failed she realized that it's not the things she does and lives that define her, but she defines it herself.

and above all… IT WILL NOT BE DEFINED BY ANY MAN, YOU DEFINE THE MAN WHO GODURIAAAAA I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE RETURN OF THE MAN FOR MONTHS! Then he thanks Bianca Belair for making her feel her best version ever and the Raw champion makes her entrance by stepping into the ring and telling her that she doesn't define only The Man, she is The Man and then the two embrace and Becky comes out of the ring.

with the audience screaming his name in chorus. To continue the speech then it is Bianca who talks about her relationship with Becky and what they have been through and then moves on to Bayley and her stable, but a camera frames the backstage where Bayley, IYO and Dakota attack Becky Lynch with a chair and that point the EST runs to her together with the staff, but at that moment the stable has already escaped.

Triple Threat Match: AJ Styles vs The Miz vs Mustafa Ali This match is to qualify for a US title opportunity and will be the first of two, one will come later in the evening. The three are excellent performers, so the match is very good, the only problem for Miz is that he has an abdominal band due to his Summerslam match against Logan Paul, so he struggles a bit.

In the end, AJ Styles wins after a Mustafa Ali 450 Splash but lands a bit vertically on Miz, then Styles catches him and gives him a Styles Clash on the Magnifico before pinning the former Chicago cop. Thanks to an assist from The Miz, Tommaso Ciampa defeated AJ Styles to secure a US Title shot against Bobby Lashley next week.

Raw: Tommaso Ciampa wants to shine

Tommaso Ciampa is unlikely to dethrone Lashley, but this is a huge first step for him moving forward on RAW. Meanwhile backstage we see Becky Lynch in the infirmary talking to Adam Pearce telling him about the painful incident, but we immediately move to another area backstage where Sarah Schreiber intercepts the stable and Bayley practically says that this is just the beginning.

We will then be told that Becky Lynch will have to stay out of the picture for a while. But the interviewer also finds the Usos and asks them how they feel about defending the title tonight against the Mysterios and the twins say they feel great and will beat them.

Returning to the main stage, Seth Rollins steps into the ring to talk about what happened at Summerslam saying that this is a great night because we don't have to put up with the Original Bro and says that finally with Riddle out of the box he can focus on Roman Reigns, but before he can continue here are the Street Profits who interrupt him and beat him.