Raw: AJ Styles showed all his talent

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Raw: AJ Styles showed all his talent

Moving on backstage The Miz is interviewed about Logan Paul and says WWE is no place for Youtubers to play and Ciampa adds that tonight he will win against AJ Styles, with the Magnifico concluding the speech by saying that Ciampa will be the next US Champion.

Number one contender match US Title: Ciampa vs AJ Styles. Meanwhile, Booker T arrives at the comment table and then the match between the two begins with The Miz cheering for his partner, still angry with Styles for beating him earlier.

Towards the end AJ Styles is about to win after a Styles Clash, but he was so close to the ropes that The Miz took Ciampa's leg and put it on the ropes and nullified the pin. The Phenomenal One then comes out of the ring pissed off and attacks him, but his opponent returns the attack trying to make him count out even with Miz who holds his leg, but in the end, he manages to return to find a Ciampa ready to make him the Fairy Tail Ending and winning it back.

He will be Bobby Lashley's opponent for the US belt next week on Raw.

AJ Styles def. Mustafa Ali & The Miz

AJ Styles and Ali kicked off the match. Backstage is interviewed the very champion who says he is not afraid and that he will defeat anyone at any time, including Ciampa.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: The Usos (c) vs The Mysterios. Rey Mysterio and Jey Uso start the contest, with the luchador proving once again to be one of the best ever with various tricks and with his son they manage to momentarily land their opponents before the break.

The match is very enjoyable and has a very good pace, which we could already expect on paper with two tag teams like this, given that they are characterized by the element of flight and speed. They alternate well in dominating the contest, with the desire to take those belts home and after a double 619 and a Frog Splash, it seems there may be the victory of the titles for father and son, but unfortunately, Jey comes to interrupt the pin on his twin.

After a few more exchanges, Dominik is about to win for real, but the twins make a change without him noticing and knock him down by winning and remaining champions. But it is not over here, because while the Usos leave the scene, here comes the Judgment Day that attacks father and son brutally and to save them comes to Edge loaded like a mine that makes fists fly here and there and lands Priest and Bálor.

Unfortunately, however, when he tries to make a Spear to the Irish, Rhea Ripley pushes Dominik against her ally who moves him and so it is the poor man who suffers the Spear, leaving time for the stable to run away chased by Edge.

And with the images of Rey's son lying on the ground, Raw ends. This is also the end of this story of the latest episode of Raw, which as far as I'm concerned was really beautiful and is finally giving us the good management we expected from Triple H and the new management in WWE.