Raw: Alexa Bliss challenged Asuka

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Raw: Alexa Bliss challenged Asuka

Alexa Bliss vs Asuka After a few weeks of alliance and respect, we see the two go head to head and get off to a quick start with some quick moves and some psychological play. Unfortunately, while they are giving us a great match, here comes Bayley with his stable and the three trigger the disqualification by attacking them brutally and while IYO is about to do a Moonsault with a chair, here comes the EST to save the situation and then asks a match against one of them tonight and the Japanese team comes forward.

Triple Threat Match: Ciampa vs Dolph Ziggler vs Chad Gable While he is making his entrance obviously Gable reminds us that he is smart and then he says he will win and blah blah blah ... and then finally the match starts with Ciampa and Gable forming some kind of alliance against poor Dolph treating him as one rag, but then obviously they also take a little between them because these things never work.

In the end, Ciampa wins with his Fairy Tail Ending on Gable and he will face Aj Styles. Edge is back to take revenge! The former leader of Judgment Day steps into the ring with fans screaming his name and he thanks them for the support despite being an asshole over the past few months.

He then explains what his intent with the stable was, which is to teach young talents something, but that was blown away when they tasted some power and it clearly says it will put an end to its creation, like when we do something that doesn't.

he goes and his mother tells us: "As I brought you into the world, I'll take you away too."

Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka

Alexa Bliss got the early advantage and hit a series of knees and kicks to take Asuka down for a near fall.

Meanwhile backstage the Mysterios are interviewed on Summerslam and tonight's challenge and Rey says he thanks Edge for what he did during the Premium Live Event, but now they are focused on the titled match. IYO SKY vs Bianca Belair In Gorilla Position there are Dakota, IYO and Bayley are being interviewed and the leader says that people shouldn't have expected anything from them other than what they did because since she is gone the division has gone into disarray and to be noted.

two interesting words used by her and Dakota: the second says "The Game" during one of her sentences, emphasizing the word a lot, a clear reference to Triple H, while the first "Control", a word used by the three on social media after Summerslam which could now be the name of a stable.

When the two are in the ring, the bell just has time to ring and they immediately hurl themselves against each other with the EST taking over the opponent. How nice to rethink their path in WWE, between the Mae Young Classic, NXT and now here.

The two give us a very good match, but obviously, Dakota and Bayley get to ringside, distracting Bianca who was about to end it all and when she is about to do it again for good, after a short recovery from IYO, here they are again.

in between Bayley and Dakota, but Asuka and Alexa Bliss come out before a break speaks. Upon returning from advertising, EST always dominates the dispute, also because it has an absurd fire inside. Eventually, a mess breaks out in the ring among all the women and the match is canceled due to disqualification, while all continue to fight like blacksmiths and referees and officials have to intervene to divide them.

Raw Alexa Bliss Asuka