Liv Morgan on the WWE star: I had such a crush on him

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Liv Morgan on the WWE star: I had such a crush on him

SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan is someone whose opinion we want to hear on all topics. Speaking to Sneaker Shopping with Complex, she talked about John Cena and apparently she had a big crush on him. Morgan observed certain things that Cena does and she tried to be the same.

“I loved John Cena, I thought he was the s–t,” Morgan said as quoted by Wrestling Inc. “I had such a crush on him. He would pump his little sneakers, and I’d pump my sneakers and I didn’t even have pumps.

I would just [pretend] to push my little pumps [while watching him on TV]. I thought he was amazing. He has been, whether I know it or not, a subconscious influence on my career. You know because he wore sneakers for the majority of his career, so I think maybe it’s something that kind of embedded in my mind, and maybe a reason why I like to wear sneakers”.

Reebok Pumps were the most interesting on the market at that time. Many wanted to have such sneakers, considering that they were a hit back then. “I don’t know who started it,” Morgan responded. “All I know is that, in 2014, the very first day I arrived at the WWE Performance Center, I decided that I was gonna wear sneakers”.

Liv Morgan on WWE and the new era

After the departure of Vince McMahon and changes within the WWE, Liv Morgan is hoping for big things. “I hope so,” Liv Morgan said. “I really do hope so, because I read something on the Internet a couple of days ago – I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I’m the first WWE Superstar over the last four years to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship that wasn’t a Four Horsewoman or Ronda Rousey.

One, I think that’s unbelievable and I’m so proud to have it be me, but also I hope that [trend] is something that can continue, you know, to have newer talents fight for these opportunities because we have such an incredible women’s roster. I want to defend my championship against anyone that wants to fight for it”.