Jimmy Hart: I would like to manage him

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Jimmy Hart: I would like to manage him

Jimmy Hart is a WWE legend and manager who has been talked about a lot over the years. Hart spoke to Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman and revealed who he would like to have as his next client. “You know who I think I can really help? Dominik,” Hart said as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“Yes, because if and when his daddy [Rey Mysterio] retires, I think I could go in and really help Dominik. I think Dominik’s young right now. He’s got a lot of potential, he’s very good as he is now, but I think someone like Jimmy Hart with him would be tremendous”.

It appears that WWE has never spoken to Jimmy Hart regarding NXT. “Can you believe it? It’s such an injustice – they should be calling me to do that,” Hart said. “So, Stephanie [McMahon] and Triple H, don’t forget Jimmy Hart’s right down here in Tampa, Florida, which is just a short drive to Orlando.

I think I can help”. Hart believes that he would be of great help to NXT and all those who are a part of it. Absolutely, yes, I can help. NXT is part of our future, I’d love to go down there and help out do anything”.

Jimmy Hart on Contracts

A few months ago, Jimmy Hart also revealed his opinion about wrestlers who negotiate with others while their contract is still running. “If you can get a job with any company and that’s what you really want to do, go for it — but look, be on time, be dependable.

Whatever contract you sign, don’t come back 3 weeks later – 3 months later and go, ‘Can I do this?’ Let whoever runs the company come to you and say, ‘Look, you know, you’ve really busted your you-know-what for us, we really love you and we’re going to re-do your contract and give you a raise.’ Because if they’re the ones that say it, then they really mean it and are going to put you on a rocket ship to make it work,” Hart said.