Becky Lynch takes a shot at Roman Reigns

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Becky Lynch takes a shot at Roman Reigns
Becky Lynch takes a shot at Roman Reigns

Over the past two years, WWE has placed a lot of faith in two of its characters, making them two of the greatest Superstars in the entire history of the federation. We are obviously talking about the undisputed WWE and Universal champion Roman Reigns and the newly found The Man, Becky Lynch, with both current WWE faces being two of the most highly-regarded wrestling stars across the globe.

Despite having had two completely different careers, since NXT, the two have managed to build a large portion of the public that now literally idolizes them, with Becky Lynch having made her turn face in the last edition of SummerSlam, while instead the Tribal Chief continues to carry on his two reigns as the undisputed world champion of both brands on the main roster.

Paradoxically, Becky Lynch has become very famous with her becoming "The Man" and therefore going in favor of the WWE audience, while instead Roman Reigns began to go over with her turn heel, which arrived just before Payback two years ago, starting the twinning with Paul Heyman, former manager of Brock Lesnar.

Becky Lynch slams Roman Reigns

As it's been reported, Roman Reigns has overrun his 700 days as WWE Universal World Champion, with the federation not failing to use all its social pages to congratulate the head of the Anoa'i family.

To one of these messages, in which the WWE page on FOX asked who wore two belts better, whether Becky Lynch (the famous Becky Two Belts) or Roman Reigns, Lynch herself replied by throwing a big dig at the Tribal Chief, writing: "Me, I presented myself at work." With a simple but very sharp phrase, the Irishman of WWE wanted to underline how the skimpy agenda of Roman Reigns is very different from that of the other Superstars, with most of the athletes present almost every day at work, to participate in live events, ppv and weekly tapings, while instead the undisputed champion shows up very little in the WWE rings, especially in the last period.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s “Smack Talk,” Mantell questioned why WWE has kept the titles on The Bloodline for such a long time. “I think Roman’s held the belt too long,” Mantell said.

“I think The Usos have held it way, way too long. I think those belts need to change hands at least twice a year. Give somebody else a chance. I don’t know, but I think we’ll see a better product overall [with Triple H in charge], I’m hoping”.

Becky Lynch Roman Reigns

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