WWE superstars have more creative freedom now

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WWE superstars have more creative freedom now
WWE superstars have more creative freedom now (Provided by Wrestling World)

The freedom that is given or not given to wrestlers in the various companies is always the subject of discussion among the fans, but also among the performers themselves, who often reproached especially the WWE that only gave the promos with a precise script to learn.

But now, with the farewell of Vince McMahon, things may have changed, as reported by the well-known website PWInsider who said: “An important change that has taken place in the last few weeks in WWE is the loosening of freedom for talents when they speak.

into the microphone, allowing them to improvise more. We are told that a big part of what made the Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre match so great on SmackDown last week is that at least a sizable portion of the match was improvised in the ring vs every single sport that was provided to them before.


WWE has changed its style

If we instead move towards the competition, Jade Cargill, but also the former WWE CM Punk, have thought about creative freedom. TBS Champion said: "This is one of the reasons I chose All Elite Wrestling.

We are in control of our character, we can represent ourselves, our true selves. We can work outside the company and you know that everything we do comes from our hearts. We're showing you exactly who we are and who we want to be.

This is what we approved, you know, it's just nice. I've never worked for another company, but I've struggled with pure emotions. I play basketball so that is what I am. What you see is just an extension of who I am, and I appreciate that." CM Punk joined his colleague saying, “It's super interesting to me, it's fascinating to hear someone like her say she didn't work for another company because it's important for her to be able to work in a place where she can fully express itself.

I think it's one thing that has killed wrestling for me for so long. Everything has been muted, and toned down, and based on a person's perspective. When you can't choose your own name, select your own entry music, it's very limited and very creatively suffocating." During a recent appearance on the Impaulsive podcast, Triple H was asked how he reacted when he found out that WWE was interested in bringing in Logan Paul on TV.

"You want me to be completely honest? I said, 'Who the f**k is that?' No offense, I think it's funny because sometimes people talk about our business they go like, 'Well, I watched a little bit when I was a kid.' That means [they] never watch, and they don't want to offend me or something like that. Like yeah, that's not for everybody," said Triple H.

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