Roman Reigns surpassed a WWE legend

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Roman Reigns surpassed a WWE legend
Roman Reigns surpassed a WWE legend

In recent years Roman Reigns has made a number of records, day after day, becoming one of the most important characters in WWE history. The Tribal Chief has dominated the Stamford-based company scene for years now and fans of the WWE Universe have long wondered who can stop the rise of the champion and dethrone him of the title of champion.

During the last SummerSlam Pay per View Roman won yet another battle against rival Brock Lesnar, in a Last Man Standing Match. A crazy challenge where the champion won using all possible means and among other things taking advantage of the help of the Usos.

Roman is currently champion of both RAW and Friday Night SmackDown, is Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and therefore also holds the title of WWE Champion. In recent days Roman Reigns has surpassed a legend of the caliber of The Undertaker in the sum of days as WWE Champion.

Roman has won this title on four different occasions and the sum of the four kingdoms exceeds 240 days (0 + 41 + 77 + 122). In fact, it should be emphasized that The Big Dog did not last even a day in his first reign as WWE Champion as Sheamus immediately collected the briefcase of his Money in the Bank.

The Undertaker was stuck at 238 days for this particular record.

Roman Reigns is unstoppable

If Roman Reigns manages to keep this title for at least another 41 days he will overtake in the all-time ranking two other legends of the caliber of Yokozuna (280 days) and JBL (also 280 days).

Recently Roman Reigns has also reached the record concerning even the 700 days as Universal Champion and the current reign of him continues to be there. Through social media, the wrestler challenged everyone by remembering: "For over 700 days you have been sitting at my table and enjoying my work.

It's not over, I'm not done, but if you've waited this far." Recently, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler says the company should build Seth Rollins as Roman Reigns' replacement. "He's so good at what he does.

He's so smooth in the ring. You get to a point where if you don't see Roman [Reigns] around sometime, like this is the guy we should be building around, and we are. He's clearly gone to several different shades of characters out of the box than he was, just being a workhorse here."

Roman Reigns Tribal Chief Universal Champion

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