The ratings of Raw go up a lot

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The ratings of Raw go up a lot

Delivered to the archives an edition of SummerSlam that saw the first creative touch of Triple H (the decision of Bayley's stable was his own thing), there was a lot of curiosity around the episode of Monday Night Raw.

Apparently, the new role of Hunter, now in command of the creative team after the retirement of Vince McMahon, has captured the interest of fans. In fact, Monday's episode was seen by 2.23 million spectators over the course of three hours: this is a very important result in terms of ratings, the best since March 20, 2020, which was in effect the first show of the COVID era.

Raw also scored .61 in the 18-49 demographic and was the most watched show that evening on USA Network. Specifically: the first hour, which did not see advertising cuts, recorded 2.43 million spectators, the second 2.29 million and the third 1.97 million.

Great numbers for Raw

If you think about the fact that in 2021 there were episodes that barely managed to reach 2 million, this is an excellent goal that bodes well for the future of WWE. The episode of Raw on Monday evening was also the result of a new direction: there were two quality triple threat matches and finally, the United States Championship, a long-mistreated secondary title, has returned to restore luster.

Man is not all, because Ciampa has become the new number one contender (he will face Lashley next week) and could have a great push thanks to Triple H, who has estimated him since the days of NXT. The morale of the WWE backstage, therefore, seems to be skyrocketing and Triple H himself, interviewed during the SummerSlam weekend, said he wanted to do everything possible to guarantee fans a noteworthy product, thanking the staff, and talents and professionals.

Jimmy Hart believes he could take Raw superstar Dominik Mysterio’s career to the next level: “You know who I think I can really help? Dominik,” Hart said. “Yes, because if and when his daddy retires, I think I could go in and really help Dominik.

I think Dominik’s young right now. He’s got a lot of potential, he’s very good as he is now, but I think someone like Jimmy Hart with him would be tremendous. This is going to take some acting chops, bro if he's going to have to be able to pull this off. He's never been in a situation where he had to do any kind of acting before."