Becky Lynch continues training despite injury

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Becky Lynch continues training despite injury
Becky Lynch continues training despite injury (Provided by Wrestling World)

During the opening of the Monday Night Raw episode aired this Monday, Becky Lynch wanted to confirm how during the SummerSlam dispute her shoulder came out of its seat, showing up with a brace on her right arm. The time to state these words and the CONTROL, the stable formed by Bayely, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY attacked the Irishman with chairs, kicks and punches in the backstage of Raw, with Bianca Belair who had to run towards her colleague to save her, even though arriving too late.

Immediately after this segment, the WWE however confirmed that Becky will be out for several months with this injury, with the well-known journalist Sean Ross Sapp who wanted to confirm that the injury is 100% true and that the girl may even need to a surgical operation to fix the limb, which has come out of its natural location.

Update on Becky Lynch

Just as happened a few weeks ago with Cody Rhodes, who showed up in the ring at Hell in a Cell to stage his match against Seth Rollins, despite the serious injury to his chest that had caused him a profuse internal bleeding, Becky Lynch she decided to continue her training, despite the shoulder injury which obviously does not allow her to use the right limb.

However, this does not prohibit her from using the rest of her body to continue training and to stay in shape, with The Man herself who wanted to show herself in a photo on social media, while she carries on her training session with lots of it.

caption: "We don't stop working. We just fix the work." With this simple sentence, Becky Lynch showed the life of a WWE wrestler, who obviously can never stop, because he cannot afford to remain out of practice, with colleagues.

and Becky herself who constantly continue to train, even with injuries or pregnancies, as happened to her, to her colleagues Lacey Evans and Ronda Rousey or to the injured Big E and Cody Rhodes, who in their own way still continue to work on the their body, based on the injuries reported obviously.

Bryan Alvarez explained that a severe shoulder separation injury requires a lengthy stint on the sidelines. "There are several grades of shoulder separation; if you end up with the I think Grade III is the worst and Grade I is the least bad, it might be the other way round," Alvarez continued.

"But regardless, if you get the worst version, then you're Kota Ibushi, and you can't benchpress the bar after months and months and months."

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