Triple H opens up on Logan Paul

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Triple H opens up on Logan Paul
Triple H opens up on Logan Paul

After a WrestleMania debut paired with The Miz, Logan Paul signed a million-dollar deal with WWE and silenced his critics by starring in a great performance at SummerSlam, right against the Awesome One. The YouTuber made numerous commercials (which went viral), including a frog splash from the third string on the commentator table outside the ring and winning the match with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Triple H, a guest of his impaulsive podcast, also praised him. "When I see celebrities or people outside our business who decide to try and are totally invested in what they do, then I get excited too. The same happened with Bad Bunny, he came to WWE and gave 100% and earned my respect.

Other times, however, it happens that celebrities arrive whose only interest is to promote a movie or what they are doing. As I've been a part of this world for a long time now, I know full well that respect in our business is hard to deserve.

I don't concede it very easily, and neither does Taker and the same happens for several people at the top of the WWE. But I must say, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have earned my respect because you dedicated yourself to this new adventure 100% "At his signing of the contract, then made public on social media with a video, Triple H and Stephanie were present.

Triple H comments on Logan Paul

After the SummerSlam performance, Logan Paul promised his fans that he would travel the world with WWE and take part in other events. At the moment his presence is not advertised for Clash at the Castle, the great return of the WWE to a British stadium after more than 30 years, but anything can happen.

Becky Lynch, forced to stay out of the picture due to a shoulder injury, also praised Logan Paul as a very intelligent boy with a great passion for the WWE world. Vince Russo has warned fans that despite WWE's public announcement of Triple H's new role: "I am here for one reason and one reason only.

To smarten you up," said Vince Russo. "Do not be like these dirt sheet writers and marks who actually believe. And here's why they believe it, Chris. They want to believe it. They want to believe Triple H is in charge of creativity.

They want to believe it. Guys, I am here to educate you. He is not in charge of creativity. Everything is going through Vince McMahon, wherever he is hiding out, whether it is Stamford."

Triple H Logan Paul

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