Bayley reveals the name of her new stable?

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Bayley reveals the name of her new stable?

As we saw right after the SummerSlam opener, with Bianca Belair successfully defending her Monday Night Raw champion belt from the bout of Becky Lynch; Bayley, IYO Sky (formerly Io Shirai) and Dakota Kai made their return to the WWE scene after months of absence.

Bayley had been missing from the WWE rings for a full year now, due to the nasty injury that happened to her during a training session at the Performance Center in Orlando and after surgery on her leg, she had stayed home to do physiotherapy until now.

As for the two former NXTs, Io Shirai had also been absent from the company's rings due to an injury and then remained still in a rather muddy limbo, when WWE had begun negotiations to renew her contract, with its idea that was to go to the main roster or otherwise move to Japan, outside the WWE.

As for Dakota Kai, however, behind her call, there is certainly Triple H, since the old Chairman, Vince McMahon, had wanted to fire her months ago, because he did not consider her capable enough for the main roster, with the COO which instead would have summed it up and brought it into one of the most important female plans of the moment.

New details on Bayley

Through her latest tweets, Bayley seems to have revealed the name of her new team, formed by her, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. Apparently, the new formation should be called CONTROL, given the different references that the former world champion has made to this term.

In her latest tweet, Bayley also tagged famous singer and showgirl Janet Jackson, sister of the even more famous world-famous singer Michael, who died prematurely several years ago. That the new stable headed by Bayley is really called that? We just have to wait for tonight's Monday Night Raw episode, to get some more details, hoping that the WWE will immediately start the storyline between the former champion and her new victims, who should be Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch, as we saw at the finale of their match at SummerSlam.

WWE correspondent Sarah Schreiber caught up with the trio during an exclusive interview. The Role Model did not disclose too many details when asked about her return and claimed fans would have to wait. "You know, you're just gonna have to wait. Just like we did," said Bayley.