Jim Ross pays tribute to Triple H

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Jim Ross pays tribute to Triple H

A lot has changed in WWE in the past few weeks. Vince McMahon's resounding farewell sparked a chain reaction, heralding the beginning of a new era for the Stamford-based company. The role of Vince was taken over by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H was put in charge of the creative team.

The 14-time world champion, who underwent heart surgery in September 2021, announced his retirement from wrestling shortly before WrestleMania 38 and now intends to make a difference backstage as well. A few days ago, SummerSlam, the most important pay-per-view of the summer, went on stage.

The event was well received by fans and the main event between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns left everyone speechless (the Beast demolished the ring with a tractor). We have also seen the great returns of Bayley, Dakota Kai, IYO SKY (Io Shirai) and Edge.

The Monday Night Raw episode following SummerSlam recorded the highest ratings in the last two years. Within his podcast, Jim Ross praised The Game for how he is doing his new job. "I watched SummerSlam from start to finish and I have to admit that I liked it a lot.

They did a great job. The event was electrifying and we should congratulate Triple H for adapting so quickly to his new role," said Jim Ross.

Jim Ross praises Triple H

“The show offered a great mix of young and old, sending the audience into raptures.

The fans witnessed a truly memorable weekend, which ended with Ric Flair's last match" - he added. Jim Ross also spoke of Brock Lesnar: “I will never forget the first meeting between him and Vince McMahon. When he saw it, Vince changed his expression as if he had seen a ghost.

It was love at first sight. We were sure that Brock would become one of the greatest ever. He could get in the ring and do anything. Let's say he was our Michael Jordan”. AEW announcer Jim Ross claims he never realized he said 'WWE Dynamite' during AEW Dynamite.

"Sometimes you don’t even know why you said something. I had said something the other night about WWE on AEW TV, caused a big hysteria and I didn’t even — and this is honest to God truth; I didn’t even know I said it until I got to my little trailer, dressing trailer and of course I had a welcoming party.

‘Why did you say that?’ ‘Say what?’ So and of course, the internet went crazy, so, whatever. It’s just human error man."