Lacey Evans on Starting Wrestling Late

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Lacey Evans on Starting Wrestling Late

A number of WWE superstars did not choose to be professional wrestlers. It is true that a majority of them came from some kind of sports background. Some of the most popular WWE superstars of today are former body builders and sports personalities.

There are quite a few 2nd and 3rd generation wrestlers in the WWE today. The independent circuit is also full of such wrestlers. Usually, 2nd and 3rd generation superstars perform really well in the ring, Lacey Evans is a WWE female superstar.

She started wrestling late and didn’t wrestle while she was growing up. She spoke about this during her appearance on the Chasing Glory podcast. "To be honest with you, when you hear stories about people who grow up watching pro wrestling, WWE, they talk about remember sitting with their grandparent watching wrestling as a kid.

I didn't have a life like that so I can't vision," revealed Evans. "My life is very serious - I didn't have time for fantasy. I never watched movies, TV or anything else from a young age that I can remember.

It was always strict and business. I went to school. I was in sports. I went to work. I came home. I joined the military so there wasn't any time." The Ted DiBiase took notice of Evans talent during one of her matches, which was her big break.

"I did the main event match. It was APW in Georgia, and it ended up where the promoter had 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase," said Evans. "I know all about him now, but at the time I was like, 'who?' Anyway, Ted DiBiase was the one who set me up with the tryout.

Ted DiBiase was the one who wanted to see pictures and to tell him more about me, so he was impressed. He was the one who set me up with the tryout."