Booker T reveals when his WWE contract will expire

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Booker T reveals when his WWE contract will expire

Thanks to his iconic character, Booker T has managed to establish himself as one of the most popular wrestlers of the modern era. The 57-year-old from Plain Dealing fought in the most important American federations, taking off the whim of winning 35 titles.

In addition to being the most decorated athlete in WCW history, Robert has also earned countless accolades in the Stamford company. In WWE he has won the heavyweight title once, the Intercontinental Championship once, the United States Championship three times, the Hardcore Championship twice and the World Tag Team Championship three times.

He also won the 17th edition of the 'King of the Ring' tournament in 2006 and was the eighth wrestler to complete the Grand Slam. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer has been involved with WWE in several projects in recent years.

As part of the 'Hall of Fame' podcast, a fan asked Booker T if he would consider leaving WWE to join AEW.

Backstage News on Booker T

“My current contract is about six years to go if not seven. I'm not going anywhere ”- revealed Booker T.“ I love All Elite Wrestling and the guys who work there, so never say never.

However, it is not my intention to leave WWE to go to another wrestling company. I love my current job and have always had a great time in WWE. The management gave me many opportunities even after I stopped fighting. I have been involved in several projects in recent years” - he added.

Through his federation, the 'Reality of Wrestling', Booker T recently returned to the ring by participating in a 10-man tag team match. “As I have already said several times, it is not my intention to return to the ring on a permanent basis.

If WWE offered me good pay for it, I would think about it with my family. I have to admit, I was surprised at how the wrestling community reacted to my performance”. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T wasn't pleased to see Ric Flair fake a heart attack during his farewell match.

"It wasn't, you know what, man, that wasn't a great moment. That wasn't the greatest moment in the world. A man faking a heart attack to poke somebody in the eye. I get it, it was a good spot but a lot of people in that damn arena perhaps were scared as hell.

That's just like me getting in a wheelchair and walking, somebody wheeling me around and parking in a handicapped spot. You don't do that kind of stuff," said Booker T.