Rob Van Dam recalls his WWE experience

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Rob Van Dam recalls his WWE experience

The history of the pro-wrestling world is varied and well-populated with the most complex and mixed federations and structures of the discipline, with numerous federations attempting in vain to wage war on WWE, only to be burned or even literally destroyed.

Among the companies that have been side by side with WWE for the longest time and that have built a real war of ratings, we certainly find the WCW of the Turner family and the ECW managed by Paul Heyman, the very same Paul Heyman who now triumphantly carries the titles of Roman Reigns in the WWE rings, but who over 20 years ago ran the world's most brutal pro-wrestling federation: Extreme Championship Wrestling.

After the deaths of WCW and ECW, both eventually absorbed by Vince McMahon's WWE, the management of the Stamford company wanted to recreate a roster called ECW, a few years ago, which would bring back to life (only in part) the extreme style that was in the original ECW, with it all starting from the 2006 ppv One Night Stand, where Rob Van Dam put on a match against John Cena, then WWE Champion, with the former ECW World Champion coming to reign also on the WWE, triumphing in the titled match and bringing back to life the title it had at the time in the original ECW.

WWE legend Rob Van Dam recently discussed how wrestling has changed in modern times.

Rob Van Dam is a WWE legend

Those of you who have seen the PPV will surely remember the "very warm" welcome that John Cena received in that arena, with fans booing and insulting him from start to finish, throwing his shirt, which was usually given to the public.

On that occasion, in fact, Cena was unable to give his t-shirt to anyone, because every time he threw the garment in the public, the fans threw it back to the sender, as a sign of contempt. In his last interview, Rob Van Dam, his opponent in that match, wanted to bring to mind the welcome given to Cena, saying he appreciated it and speaking to the microphones of Insiders Edge Podcast: "I was laughing.

It was a real laugh, not expected because I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I was not expecting that at all. It's a heck of a souvenir to take home with you after a ppv, John Cena's shirt, so I was blown away to see it come back multiple times. That was the perfect energy that was there at the Hammerstein Ballroom."