A shocker for Becky Lynch, from Bayley!

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A shocker for Becky Lynch, from Bayley!

As we saw right after the SummerSlam opener, with Bianca Belair successfully defending her Monday Night Raw champion belt in the bout against Becky Lynch, and Bayley, IYO Sky (formerly Io Shirai) and Dakota Kai, making their return to the WWE scene after months of absence.

Bayley had been missing from the WWE rings for a full year now, due to the nasty injury that happened to her during a training session at the Performance Center in Orlando and after surgery on her leg, she had stayed home to do physiotherapy until now.

As for the two former NXT wrestlers, Io Shirai had also been absent from the company's rings due to an injury and then remained still in a rather muddy limbo, when WWE had begun negotiations to renew her contract, with its idea that was to go to the main roster or otherwise move to Japan, outside the WWE.

As for Dakota Kai, however, behind her call, there is certainly Triple H, since the old Chairman, Vince McMahon, had wanted to fire her months ago, because he did not consider her capable enough for the main roster, unlike the COO who went ahead and got her back in.

Bayley slams Becky Lynch

During the morning we reported the words of Becky Lynch towards Roman Reigns, with the WWE who recently wanted to celebrate his Tribal Chief, who managed to reach and exceed 700 days as a Universal Champion of the federation, with a single kingdom from Payback 2020 to present.

To one of the WWE images on social media, The Man wanted to reply that she wore the two belts better in her "Becky Two Belts" period, because she showed up at work, unlike Reigns who is very often absent from shows now.

, with this message: To all this, he could only replicate the newly returned to the WWE rings, Bayley, who is obviously in feud with The Man as well as with the champion of the red show, Bianca Belair, who wrote, in obvious reference to the words of Lynch, shortly after: "I was running TWO DIVISIONS.

TWO STYLES. ME" WWE correspondent Sarah Schreiber caught up with the trio during an exclusive interview. The Role Model did not disclose too many details when asked about her return and claimed fans would have to wait. "You know, you're just gonna have to wait. Just like we did," said Bayley.