Sasha Banks and Naomi close to returning to WWE?

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Sasha Banks and Naomi close to returning to WWE?

Last Sunday we reported a possible spoiler, which then did not turn out to be such, at least not entirely, on the possible imminent return of Sasha Banks and Naomi after their suspension in May. broke the news and wrote: “ has been told that an agreement has been reached for Sasha Banks and Naomi to return to the company.

There was a belief behind the scenes that we might see them return this week on the [Raw] show or in the near future under the Triple H regime." Obviously there was not even a shadow of the former Tag Team Champions on Raw, however, it was also said that they could return in the near future and hopes are indeed very high now that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are in charge.

Update on Sasha Banks and Naomi

Thanks to some of our American colleagues and some fans who have sharpened their eyes, we can also report to you that there were some clues that made us think of an even more concrete possibility of actually seeing Sasha Banks and Naomi return.

Going in order we find a tweet made by the company on August 1st which hides two words inside: “rearview” and “statement”, which as you know are names used in two moves characteristic of the two wrestlers.

In addition, a previous coupon code on the WWE Shop for a 20% discount contained the word "walkout", used to describe the escape of The Boss and Jimmy Uso's wife in May. But be careful because that's not all, in fact, the social account of the Los Angeles Rams, who are a football team, was advertising Sasha Banks among the names for a training camp event with some celebrities, but his name has been removed.

from the publicity of this event. This has led many to think that the two, or at least Sasha, could return in this evening's episode of SmackDown. We just have to wait and find out. Vince Russo wants Vince McMahon’s villainous Mr.

McMahon character to reference Naomi’s WWE walkout with Sasha Banks. “Vince says, ‘Naomi, I gave you the h*t live mic. You said what you wanted to say. Now it’s gonna be my turn,’” Russo said.

“And let him shoot about them leaving and dropping the belts. Let him tell that whole story, man. And think about it, because now what that leads to is she’s gonna get upset, that brings her husband [Jimmy Uso] out."