Jim Cornette comments on SummerSlam

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Jim Cornette comments on SummerSlam

Jim Cornette, known for being one of the most critical people in the world of professional wrestling, has decided this time to praise the work done by WWE with a SummerSlam match. Specifically, he talked about the SmackDown women's title match between champion Liv Morgan and her challenger Ronda Rousey.

Jim Cornette comments on SummerSlam

"The ending was short and brilliant. Liv Morgan could get away with the woman who at one point was legitimately the baddest woman on the planet. They got out, Ronda Rousey is neither over nor thrilled to be there like she once was, and you can feel it.

Liv Morgan comes out and I know they're trying to push her, but her belt is as big as she is. It was like she was struggling to get into the ring with that thing on. She looked like a girl from a reform school who beat a girl scout.

Aside from the ending, I have exaggerated a bit. But at the finish, Rousey gets an Armar on Liv Morgan, and here comes referee Rudy Charles and Ronda does Armar on Liv and Rudy Charles goes down to count Ronda's shoulders because Ronda's shoulders are lowered as she holds the move on Liv, but 1 2 3 the counts starts, and people start whistling.

Ronda is confused and goes back and looks at the different camera angles, and it is seen that while Ronda was attached to Liv's arm, while the referee was on 2, Liv gave in, but the referee didn't see it. as he watched Ronda's back.

So Liv failed before the 3 count, so the ref was wrong, obviously with the gimmick. But it was a brilliant finish and they timed everything perfectly. So, for this reason, Ronda decided to attack Liv and put her back in the Armar, and when the referee tried to break the move, she applied it to him too.

And apparently, she is a full-fledged turn heel, why shouldn't she [Ronda]? She is more natural in that role and this is how people were inclined to see her from the start. After the initial cheers, there's Ronda Rousey, she's not the prom beauty she once was."

Jim Cornette also recently showered praise on WWE Superstar Logan Paul for his breath-taking performance at SummerSlam this year. "Have you noticed that the celebrities and folks from other sports on SummerSlam were more accomplished professional wrestlers than half the roster in AEW?...

Logan Paul, he looks better physically than Miz, and I’ve been hard on Miz but I’ll give credit to him here."