Riddle will be back very soon

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Riddle will be back very soon

We have now learned how Riddle's injury, sustained in the episode of Raw at Madison Square Garden, was only a work to fuel the rivalry between the two. The decision to oust the match from the SummerSlam card was made by Triple H and most likely the match will be proposed at Clash at the Castle, scheduled for September 3rd.

In any case, the two were protagonists of the great summer event, but without fighting: Riddle showed up in the ring, wearing a showy bandage, and calling Rollins into question. "The Visionary", however, once again had the last laugh and knocked him out with the licensed stomp.

But when will Riddle come back to fight? According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the former couple champion is advertised for this weekend's live events, again against Rollins, and could also appear in the next episode of Monday Night Raw, live from Cleveland.

The time to announce the match for Cardiff, therefore, is still a long time.

Latest update on Riddle

The rivalry between the two could extend far beyond the British event. Riddle vs Rollins is currently billed as the main event for the October 8 episode of Raw at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

It will probably be a dark match, therefore not captured by the cameras, but it is clear how the two will also be protagonists in the months to come. A rivalry accompanied by a pinch of "real hatred" since the two had exchanged digs on social media in the past and Rollins had declared that he did not want to work with him.

On the other hand, there are no updates on the status of Riddle's tag team partner, Orton, who has been in the pits for some time now. Should back surgery be necessary, Randy would be out for the rest of 2022. In any case, Riddle admitted that he was still in contact with him and had heard from him recently, claiming to be in a good mood.

Speaking to Sony Sports India in a recent interview, Riddle gave his thoughts on Goldberg and how they have a difference in opinion: "I'll say this. I had my interaction with Goldberg, bumped into each other, he's not my bro, I get it, you're not my bro.

I kept calling him bro and he didn't like that whatever, you know me, I'm not the best listener. Then I talked to him after the match, we had a disagreement, you know, I think he has the belief... and it worked for him... all he needs is a couple of moves in wrestling to be one of the best, and he has the Spear and the Jackhammer."