Kane ignites a controversy on social media

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Kane ignites a controversy on social media

The United States is experiencing difficult days, following the decision of its Supreme Court to cancel the right to abortion. Warning: this does not correspond to a ban on abortion, but many states of the nation are interpreting the sentence in this way.

Inevitably, the debate is monopolizing public opinion, including well-known faces of wrestling. And one of them is Kane, whose opinion has sparked the fury of countless former colleagues. First, a brief summary for those who have not understood what happened in the States.

Last Friday, the US Supreme Court voted in favor of Mississippi's ban on abortions after 15 weeks of debate, overturning "Roe vs Wade," the 1973 ruling that guarantees federal constitutional protection of the right to abortion.

The practice of abortion, once legal at the federal level, will henceforth be addressed as a matter at the state level. Well, some states including Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and others have state laws that immediately activate an abortion ban now that the sentence has been passed.

Another such state ready to ban abortion, Tennessee, is the home of Knox County Mayor, WWE Hall of Famer, Kane (aka Glenn Jacobs).

Kane is in the blizzard

Kane, a proud representative of the Republican Party, turned to Twitter to praise the decision of the Supreme Court.

“Roe vs Wade has been overturned! This paves the way for states like Tennessee to pass stronger protections for the unborn and is an answer to a plea from countless people. #DirittoAllaVita #Vittoria, "wrote Kane.

Kane's political, ethical and scientific view of the story inevitably sparked the anger of many wrestling stars who think differently. Many of them are women, and most of them work away from WWE. But there is also someone who has put him in the crosshairs while sharing the federation that has made him one of the best-known faces in the history of the discipline.

"An idiot, a complete idiot," wrote Taya Valkyrie, now an acclaimed champion at IMPACT and who has put so much effort into her in her recent WWE adventure. His partner Rosemary, on the other hand, called him "literally a piece of dung"

Recently, The Undertaker remembered how fans reacted to when he and his on-screen half-brother Kane became a tag team for the first time in WWE. "I think the audience really loved our feuds. But man, I still remember the first time we walked out together, and people were losing their minds.

Because you just visualize, like, holy c**p. That is the Lord of Darkness, and that is Kane. I think they just fantasized. Like, who is gonna give these guys any kind of match?"