Logan Paul will be out for a long time

WWE already has a big surprise ready for Raw and SmackDown

by Simone Brugnoli
Logan Paul will be out for a long time

As we reported in the late afternoon of June 30th, Logan Paul, an important YouTuber and American actor, already seen in the WWE rings at Wrestlemania, alongside The Miz against the couple formed by Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik, had signed a contract official with WWE, appearing immortalized in photos with Triple H and current WWE Chairwoman, Stephanie McMahon.

On its website, the WWE wrote in fact: "Logan Paul is officially back after signing a WWE deal earlier this week. The YouTube megastar took to social media to preview the news and share photos of him visiting WWE headquarters.

Paul didn't waste the opportunity to also deliver a message to The Miz after their run at WrestleMania. Paul collaborated with The A-Lister on The Showcase of the Immortals only to be abandoned by The Miz with a Skull-Crushing Finale following a victory over the Mysterios.

After speculation that they might once again collaborate, Paul has made it clear that he is looking for revenge at SummerSlam." In the end, Logan Paul really appeared at SummerSlam in an important match against The Miz, his arch-rival after the Wrestlemania turn, with the two who staged a huge contest, despite the YouTuber not having a lot of free time to train in the ring.

The latest news on Logan Paul

The newly signed Logan Paul recently hinted at some backstage heat on him currently from WWE stars. Apparently, after the great match staged in the Big Four summer, now there would be a great break for the American YouTuber, given that at the end of the year he would be expected in a great boxing match, (a sport that he continues to practice in the meantime).

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known Wrestling Observer site, the athlete could in fact remain out of the scene until the end of the year, with the journalists of the well-known site who reported: "Paul won't be doing anything in WWE anytime soon as he's focusing on his boxing match next December." It is very likely, therefore, that Logan Paul will be spotted in the WWE rings not before the new year, with 2023 being his year of consecration after the two big matches in the WWE Big Four, such as Wrestlemania and SummerSlam. “I have no problem earning respect, I’ve done it before and I intend on doing it in the WWE."

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