The Undertaker talks about the future of WWE

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The Undertaker talks about the future of WWE

Following the announcement of Vince Mcmahon’s retirement, his role was taken over by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan. A bit surprisingly, Triple H has been put in charge of the creative team. The 14-time world champion retired from wrestling shortly before WrestleMania 38, unwilling to take further risks after the delicate heart surgery he underwent in September 2021.

The Game appeared briefly at the 'Showcase of the Immortals', greeting the WWE Universe and depositing his boots in the middle of the ring. Over the past week, several prominent personalities have speculated on the changes that could occur with HHH at the helm.

Hunter has already proven he can do great things backstage, having personally contributed to the birth and rise of NXT. In a recent interview with ESPN, The Undertaker expressed his opinion on the future of WWE. "It seems to me that the company is loosening the chains regarding what athletes can say and do" - began The Undertaker.

The Undertaker is a former WWE Champion

“I think the product will get a little more aggressive in the coming months. There is a need for grit and nastiness in this historical phase. We will see several changes in terms of creativity” - Taker added.

The Deadman has had nice words for Triple H: “Hunter is a brilliant man, I'm serious. I think he is not given enough credit for his wit. We are talking about a performer who made wrestling history. I am convinced that he will be a great asset to young talents who want to emerge in WWE.

At the same time, HHH is a very blunt guy. He will tell you in no uncertain terms what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Triple H will do great things, I'm sure”. The Phenom also talked about his future: “I have completed my mission and I don't know what I will do in the next few years.

I miss being in the ring, but I would no longer be able to perform at the level I want”. WWE legend Mick Foley recently spoke about The Undertaker's Hall of Fame speech from earlier this year. "I think it’s a lot to do about very little.

Maybe it’s not anything. The sad part for me is that people took exception with my daughter just innocently saying it was a great speech, but I wish he mentioned my dad." Foley added: "Look, I never expect a mention. That’s my feeling – glass half-full guy.

I never expect it, but it’s always nice when it happens. So, if somebody asked me, would I have liked him to mention my name? Yeah, sure, that would have been nice."

The Undertaker