Cesaro comments on his WWE experience

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Cesaro comments on his WWE experience

In mid-February, PWInsider reporter Mike Johnson had thrown a bombshell on one of the former WWE athletes, Cesaro. In fact, the wrestler had not found a renewal agreement with WWE, leaving the company shortly after, once the contract expired.

The journalist Sean Ross Sapp of the Fightful site also confirmed this through a tweet, in which he added: "We can confirm the PWInsider report on the fact that Cesaro has left WWE." We also recently reported that, after changing his name to CSRO, due to legal problems over the WWE property names, Cesaro seemed to have not yet found any ideal place to return to fight, as several promoters had contacted him for a few appeared here and there in the world, but no one would be able to find the right economic agreement with the Swiss ex WWE.

In the end, as we saw on the TV screens of the ppv AEW Forbidden Door, CSRO landed in the All Elite Wrestling rings, in William Regal's stable, becoming in effect a wrestler of AEW, after months of stopping at his home, in the USA, with Cesaro who had not yet taken part in any live event of independent companies.

After weeks on the launch pad with the AEW, Cesaro also managed to become the ROH world champion, after Tony Khan took over from the Sinclair group.

Cesaro is a former WWE star

In his latest interview with Busted Open Radio, Cesaro left his listeners quite dumbfounded, when he said he was glad he had never won a world title in WWE, saying: "If I had won a title, right, it would have been the end for me, you know what I mean? It would have been like 'Hey, he won the title, now he's a really good wrestler, that's all', and after that what would have happened? Everyone is always looking towards a goal, a destination, but it's the journey that counts, right? It's what's in between that is important.

That's where you make friends, you make memories with and people forget it. Yes, it would have been great and I think I would have been a great champion too. But if I look back, I've had some great moments that you couldn't build...

I won the first Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal that no one could take away from me and I am really proud of that and I am also very happy with the people I met on my way there ... They will remember me as the one who has never been a champion and I think that is a great goal too, I'm happy about it."