What are the WWE plans for Kevin Owens?


What are the WWE plans for Kevin Owens?

In recent weeks, one of the characters who had most gossiped about WWE Universe fans for the strangeness of the storyline he's involved with the company was undoubtedly Ezekiel, Elias' younger "brother", again according to the Stamford-based federation storyline, but who is actually the same person, as Kevin Owens asserts from the first day the wrestler appeared in the McMahon-owned rings, right after Wrestlemania 38.

From then on, a feud between the two was born that went on for weeks, with the episode of Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago, which was fundamental for Owens' sanity, given that both athletes, Elias and Ezekiel , should have appeared during the show, to show that they are both distinct and separate people, which the Canadian has not believed in the least from day one.

Before stepping into the ring for his usual gig, Elias had appeared in an obviously pre-recorded WWE backstage segment of the show, in the company of his brother Ezekiel. Obviously the whole thing had been artificially built with two overlapping videos of the wrestler, but to which the fans gave a great following, only to go against the WWE Prizefighter, now in full frenzy.

Since then, however, there has been hardly a trace of Kevin Owens on the television screens of the red show, with John Cena making his return to Raw also talking to Ezekiel, without the Canadian in between.

New details on Kevin Owens

In the last few weeks, in fact, Kevin Owens has been stopped for some time due to an alleged "personal problem", with the WWE having to do without its Prizefighter, during the last episodes of the red show, but this thing seems to be able to change soon.

According to the well-known journalist Sean Ross Sapp, it would appear that Triple H has big plans for his red show athlete, now that he has become the top executive for the creative side of WWE shows. As reported by the Fightful journalist, in fact: "This leaves us a lot of doubts as to where Owens was and what was happening with him.

With the repeated references over the years, it is very clear that Owens is a 'Triple H guy' and the fans are therefore expecting a good program for him. We haven't heard anything about injuries or anything like that. Instead, we were told that the creative team is preparing something really big for him, for the next period "That after years Owens will return to win a belt in the rings of McMahon's partner? His fans wish it with all their hearts. for some time already.

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