Lacey Evans' future is uncertain

Lacey Evans was part of a historic moment when she competed against Natalya in a singles match at Crown Jewel

by Simone Brugnoli
Lacey Evans' future is uncertain

In recent weeks, within the WWE there have been several changes that have made fans of the federation turn their heads a bit, as overnight, several athletes have been moved from rosters or have been aggregated to storylines that initially weren't theirs.

One of the athletes who has begun an endless round of roster changes is currently Lacey Evans, the former WWE Marine, who had returned to show her face at Friday Night Smackdown, after months of absence for her second pregnancy and then instead she had been reassigned to the red roster, without much explanation for the fans, with the athlete who should have been first a heel in the blue show, then a babyface in that of the red show.

Apparently, however, WWE has not been satisfied with this, moving the girl once again to the blue roster, in the last few weeks, ending an infinite gymnastics that fans already consider ridiculous and making her return to being a heel on the front line.

after the feud with Aliyah.

What's next for Lacey Evans?

According to what was reported by Sean Ross Sapp of the Fightful website, it would seem that Lacey Evans has currently fallen into a not indifferent creative hole, given that the athlete has no plans for Smackdown, having been one of Vince McMahon's favorite athletes but not of Triple H.

As reported by a well-known overseas journalist, in fact: "In addition, Lacey Evans was kicked out of the July 29 episode of Smackdown, where she was scheduled to face Aliyah. On television, we were given the motivation that Lacey Evans couldn't compete for a physical problem, but we heard that there are no immediate creative plans for her and that wasn't even discussed for last night's gauntlet match.

Those we talked to about Evans told us that she was one of Vince McMahon's favorite athletes, who had his hands on her directly and had worked with her ever since she returned to Raw. Be that as it may, we were told that his return this year was literally 'chaotic and directionless', just as seen on TV "Also on this subject, Triple H will have to work hard to find a new location for the athlete, with numerous programs canceled or interrupted overnight by the father-in-law, which now will have to be modified extensively.

Recently, Bill Apter spoke about Lacey: "What is going on? After weeks and weeks of making her the hard-working, family-oriented, patriotic hero they turn her into a bitter human. She wants the fans to go to hell! There is usually a good reason for a turn from good to bad but you can't sell me on this one. Not good," said Apter.

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