Smackdown: Raquel Rodriguez showed courage

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Smackdown: Raquel Rodriguez showed courage

Backstage on Smackdown, Sami Zayn is back with Usos and insists on seeing Roman Reigns, but this time Jey can't help himself and yells at him that Bloodline doesn't need him. Yes, but stay calm. - The Viking Raiders vs Jim Mulkey & Tommy Gibson.

Who? It doesn't matter, they get squashed a lot. After the match… Kofi Kingston ATTACKS THE VIKINGS WITH THE KENDO STICK! The leader of Kofimania hits both rivals and puts them on the run, but during the advertising, a new match is sanctioned.

- Kofi Kingston vs Erik. In the end, Kofi knocks out Ivar, who tried to hit him with the kendo stick. Erik tries to take advantage of it, but… KOFI ROLLUP! .. 1… 2… 3! The poor Vikings, who had only foreseen a simple squash for local athletes, go backstage defeated and in pain.

A (not entirely) unexpected return. Raquel Rodriguez walked out next and punished Deville right away. In the end, Raquel Rodriguez hit Shotzi with a spinning elbow drop and her finisher to eliminate the star from the match.

Smackdown: Things get underway

On Smackdown, Pat McAfee and Michael Cole start talking about Happy Corbin being banned from the arena after various attacks on McAfee.

Unfortunately, however, he bought a ticket to sit behind them and yells at them with a billboard that says "LOSER" and an old photo of the commentator attached. Meanwhile, Corbin, while the two illustrate the Summerslam card, continues to scream and break the chestnuts… Corbin Bastaaaaa !!!!

In the end, the officers still have to intervene to divide them, but Corbin gives a sensational kick to Pat's family jewels… what a pain. - THE BLOODLINE REACHES THE RING! But where is Paul Heyman? After the usual 10 minutes just for entry, Roman Reigns acclaimed by the audience takes the microphone and asks to recognize it.

The Tribal Chief remembers beating Brock Lesnar again, although sadly his advisor fell victim to the Beast. Drew Mcintyre ARRIVES! The Scotsman says Reigns talks a lot, but people can't wait to see them fight so why not get started right away? A theme starts and a female figure appears on the ramp.

We don't understand who it is, but we'll find out soon. Drew is attacked… BY KARRION KROSS! The former Killer bumps McIntyre and Scarlett joins him to put an hourglass in the ring, in front of the Bloodline. TICK TOCK! With a return that was rumored a lot, but still surprising, this episode of the blue show.

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