Bryan Danielson: That is why I hated Total Bellas

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Bryan Danielson: That is why I hated Total Bellas

Bryan Danielson was part of 'Total Bellas' It seems that it was not the best experience for him. There were many things Danielson could not stand. "I don’t hate many things, but I hate, hate, hate filming reality TV,” Danielson candidly said to Renee Paquette of The Sessions, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“[I hate] all of it. You’re constantly changing clothes on the same day to go film something and pretend it’s a different day”. Danielson had to retire from wrestling for a while due to injuries. This also meant a big change for him.

It was not easy for him, especially considering that he was not a big fan of such projects. “Once I did the speech and I stepped away, I wasn’t around wrestling. So I started going, ‘Oh God. We have to film Total Bellas.’ Okay, that’s the part I forgot.

So I have to give this retirement speech and, then, I have to go live in John Cena’s house”.

Bryan Danielson on his decision

Many are wondering why Danielson did not sign a contract with WWE. It's the dream of most wrestlers, but Bryan still chose AEW.

However, Danielson emphasized that he had a third option, which was being a full-time dad. The offers he had included huge money that would also mean a secure future for him. That probably had a big impact in the end. “So people think I had two options between WWE and Aew, and the reality was I was considering three options, which was WWE, AEW, or just not being a full-time wrestler anymore and being more of a full-time dad,” Bryan Danielson revealed while speaking to “Renee Paquette on The Sessions.

When I told that to Brie with the money that each company was offering to me, I think she might’ve wanted to kill me”.

Bryan Danielson