WWE Universe attacks Liv Morgan

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WWE Universe attacks Liv Morgan
WWE Universe attacks Liv Morgan

During the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown, the one after Summerslam, the audience literally rebelled by making chants that many have defined as "indecent" towards Liv Morgan. The champion of the blue brand, unfortunately, suffered the choruses "you tapped out" because, during her match at the h*ttest event of the summer, her arm was stuck in an Armbar that her rival Ronda Rousey was applying to her, but she managed to put her back against the ring mat and the referee counted a pin when arriving at two, Liv gave in, consequently, the victory was not cleared.

In this way, the former Riott Squad member kept the belt, but obviously, Ronda Rousey got angry attacking both her and the officer who mistakenly caused her to lose the belt that she had to regain after Money In The Bank.

Against the chorus, Liv tried to defend herself on the spot by saying: “I appreciate that you are taking me back for my b*tches”.

Latest update on Liv Morgan

After the episode, two people, in particular, did a couple of tweets in defense of Liv Morgan and we are talking about journalist Kayla Braxton, who interviewed her in the ring, who wrote: “For those who are wondering why I was so annoyed - I was disappointed with the disrespectful chants towards our SD Women's Champion.

@YaOnlyLivvOnce is so deserving so silence when she speaks!" But her former tag team partner Rhea Ripley also stepped in: "The @WWE Universe whistles @YaOnlyLivvOnce ... whimsical. Liv there's still room if you decide to stop worrying about everyone's opinion.

#Joinus #TheJudgmentDay # WWESmackdown." In all of this, an old video of Becky Lynch reemerged when she was feuding with Liv Morgan at the beginning of the year, where the Irishman said in a promo: “If she (Liv) were here with this title on her shoulder, you would find every reason to doubt the same woman who convinced you to believe in her.

I'm wrong? I am never wrong. You don't know what you want." In hindsight, Becky Lynch was right and she said so too, commenting on the video that came back to light: "This one has aged well ..." Dutch Mantell has speculated that backstage politics may have negatively influenced Liv Morgan's recent booking in WWE.

"The good thing about it is they have 51 more weeks this year to fix that. That's all they got to do. I think when you bring that up to me, they may have had to do a little bit of politics in the dressing room because Ronda was going down, and they kind of had to fix it with her," explained Dutch Mantell.

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