Ric Flair's last match recorded excellent ratings

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Ric Flair's last match recorded excellent ratings

On July 31, 2022, what was called Ric Flair's Last Match was staged, an event within the event, in fact, it was part of the long Summerslam weekend also in Nashville, but under the Jim Crockett Promotions together with the larger event Starrcast V.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that Ric Flair's Last Match attracted over 6,800 fans for a live gross of $ 448,502. Meltzer also added that the show attracted between 20,000 and 25,000 purchases via streaming, so we're talking about streaming PPV purchases and nearly 4,200 more through linear PPV.

An interesting statistic always brought forward by the reporter is that this was the second largest independent wrestling show ever, only after All In in 2018, which attracted 10,541 live fans for a gain of $458,525. This event was available all over the world on FITE at a price of $19.99, about €19.50 for us Italians, if we talk about the base event.

Otherwise for $84.99 with all Starrcast V including the latest match and Ric Flair's roast, or for $199.99 with a Bundle.

Ric Flair is a 16-time World Champion

We told you about the match through a small report, telling you what happened precisely during the main event in detail and then giving you the results of the whole card, since there were other matches to surround this challenge.

We also analyzed in a personal way everything in one of our editorials "Queen Of Moonsault - Ric Flair's Last Match: Between fear and thirst for success", to give you a more in-depth point of view than the classic report, given the importance of the event.

But the good Nature Boy does not stop there, in fact, this evening he will also be manager, once again, of his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo in a match against former WWE Superstar Carlito. In short, he never stops. Former WWE Manager Dutch Mantell shared his thoughts on Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett attacking Ric Flair in a parking lot.

"It felt like an old-school, 80's type of angle. I saw it and I think they got enough interest on this match anyway, but they threw a little more because I think they want the podcast to do well too. It was an old-time beat down and they left him laying there.

I guess it's going to work because I think they've sold out the building already, which would be good because a lot of wrestling companies don't sell out in that building."