Ric Flair involved in a fight

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Ric Flair involved in a fight
Ric Flair involved in a fight

On July 31, 2022, fans were able to see Ric Flair in the ring alongside his son-in-law Andrade "El Idolo" against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, with the Nature Boy returning to the ring at the ripe old age of 73. The four put on a big show in Nashville the night after SummerSlam, which aired from the same city.

Several wrestling legends such as The Undertaker, Mick Foley and Bret Hart attended the last match of the Nature Boy. The 16-time WWE and WCW World Champion and Andrade managed to take home the victory by sending the audience into raptures.

Despite a few moments of apprehension during the contest, Flair recovered quickly enough and did not experience any physical problems after the match. “The doctors waited for him in the locker room immediately after the match ended.

Ric was exhausted at the end of the fight, but after resting and being checked, he said he was starving and he wanted to eat something. After recovering, he enjoyed the rest of the night in Nashville, ”said PW Insider's Mike Johnson.

Ric Flair is already back in action

To all intents and purposes, the one seen in Nashville will be the last match of Ric Flair's career, with Charlotte Flair's father who does not seem to want to stay away from the ring.

During the 49th anniversary of the WWC show, or the Puerto Rican World Wrestling Council, of the WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon, father of the former WWE Carlito, which aired in Bayamon recently, Ric Flair took part as a manager in a contest in which his son-in-law Andrade was expected as an athlete.

While Andrade had Nature Boy as a partner in his corner, only as a manager and not as a fighter, Carlito had Eddie Colon in his brother. During a phase of the dispute, of course, Flair incorrectly attempted to help Andrade, with Eddie Colon who, however, stopped the WWE Hall of Famer, with Flair ended up sticking the usual finger in Eddie Colon's eye.

All this was however interrupted by the legendary Carlos Colon, who came out of backstage to literally fight with Flair, leaving Carlito the chance to beat Andrade, sending the home crowd into raptures. We recall how Carlos Colon has also been a WWE Hall of Famer for years now, despite the fact that he has not had a great stint in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, since he has always been dedicated to growing his personal federation.

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