Angel Garza changes his name again

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Angel Garza changes his name again

Angel Garza started from NXT, where he also won the Cruiserweight title, in one of his biggest pushes with the company, to then reach the main roster, initially being joined by Andrade and Zelina Vega during the period of the full world pandemic, when the WWE broadcast the shows from the Performance Center without a live audience.

But he recently joined his real-life cousin, Humberto Carillo, and the two formed the Los Lotharios tag team, effectively becoming heels who love to flirt with ringside women every time they make their way to. the square. In recent months, but also in recent years, we have seen WWE go to change multiple names of its athletes, such as those who lost their surname or stage names, such as Antonio Cesaro, who later became only Cesaro or Big E Langston, only Big E left, not to mention the various Alexander Rusev, Andrade "Cien" Almas, Apollo Crews, Mustafa Ali and many others.

Between those who bought a name and then repossessed it and those who instead saw it shortened, the list of Superstars that have been renamed in recent years is really very long.

Latest update on Angel Garza

For a while, during the start of his stint on the main roster, Angel Garza was simply renamed Garza, with WWE reporters following instructions from Vince McMahon's gorilla position, calling the athlete by the surname only, since Vince's idea was to have only one more direct name, which would remain in the minds of the fans.

After returning to be called Angel Garza, the athlete however entered Los Lotharios, with WWE instead starting to call them only by name and therefore Angel and Humberto, with the two being called only by name in Smackdown, by both Michael Cole and colleague Pat McAfee.

Apparently, following what the athlete himself claims, it seems that now (with the departure of the old Chairman, Vince McMahon), Angel Garza has returned to being Angel Garza. The name and surname have both returned to be used by the WWE, as we see in this tweet: Is there any push for the boy or some on-screen news behind this latest change? Angel Garza recently sent out a tweet asking for help after his wallet went missing at an airport.

Angel Garza took to Twitter to share that he lost his wallet at Orlando Airport or during a United Airlines flight. In the tweet, he asks whoever finds it to text him and return it. "I lost my wallet!! If somebody finds it please text me!! It can either be in Orlando airport near gate 44 or flight 2117 united," he pleaded.