Bobby Lashley invites his rivals to come forward

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Bobby Lashley invites his rivals to come forward
Bobby Lashley invites his rivals to come forward

Bobby Lashley has silenced his detractors and is experiencing something of a second youth in WWE. In addition to being an eight-time world champion, the 46-year-old from Junction City has also held the Intercontinental title twice, the United States Championship three times, the TNA X Division Championship once, and the TNA King of the Mountain Championship once.

'The All Mighty' regained the US title at Money in the Bank, beating Theory at the end of a no-holds-barred battle. Bobby is doing everything he can to restore prestige to the US belt, which had fallen by the wayside during the Vince McMahon era.

A guest on the latest edition of 'The Masked Man Show', the former WWE Champion spoke on a wide range of topics. When asked who he'd like to face next, Lashley named several athletes he'd like to stake his title against.

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"Mustafa Ali, Apollo Crews, Ricochet, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander and all those guys who haven't had the opportunity to show off come to mind," said Bobby Lashley.

“I could also mention Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, but they are both very busy right now. There are so many talents on both Raw and SmackDown, I would dare to say that there is an embarrassment of choice. To hold a WWE title, you can't just perform awesome moves.

You have to be willing to fight tooth and nail. They are a strong test for anyone. If you can beat me, you automatically go to another level” - added Bobby. A comment on Vince McMahon's retirement could not be missing: “Vince has announced his retirement, but I doubt he will disappear completely.

He won't let him be his creature so easily, he loves this business too much. He'll still be around, I'm sure. He is just giving other people the opportunity to gain experience. I have the utmost respect for Vince and I wish him the best.

He is the reason why I am here today”. Bobby discussed the importance of the United States Championship to him: “I love a fight. And he’s on my radar, of course. He’s been doing some good things and I like him.

I like his energy. I like his attitude. I mean, that to me is a fight that I like. That’s the kind of thing that I like. Those are things that I’m here for,” Lashley said. “Ever since he’s been in, everybody’s been talking to me."

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