Dutch Mantell opens up on Liv Morgan

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Dutch Mantell opens up on Liv Morgan

WWE has faced a real earthquake in recent weeks. The sensational farewell of Vince McMahon completely changed the situation, leading to the beginning of a new era. Vince has decided to take a step back, given his age and the recent accusations that have come down on him.

His role was taken over by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H was put in charge of the creative team. In addition to being an extraordinary wrestler, The Game has shown he can do it backstage as well, having been the architect of the 'NXT miracle'

The 14-time world champion has already let a glimpse of his 'creative touch', giving SummerSlam lots of emotions and twists. As in all things, there is also the downside. Liv Morgan received a myriad of boos during the latest episode of SmackDown.

The public didn't like the way the SmackDown champion defeated Ronda Rousey at the 'Biggest Party of the Summer' In the latest edition of 'Smack Talk' on Sportskeeda, Dutch Mantell said that politics may have damaged Liv's character.

Dutch Mantell defends Liv Morgan

“They have several weeks to get things right, so don't worry too much. They have to get to work and find a solution for Liv Morgan. I think her character has been damaged for political reasons” - Dutch Mantell analyzed.

“WWE was so focused on Ronda Rousey that they neglected Liv. It was not the right thing to do and the public reaction testifies to it, but there is time to fix it" - he added. Dutch also talked about Theory: “If Roman Reigns is to be dethroned by Austin, let's do it at a time when no one expects it.

Do you know what the best time would be? During a live event. You record it and in the next TV show, you present the new champion. People would be speechless”. Theory was awarded the Money in the Bank briefcase last month and will try in every way to become a world champion.

WWE veteran Dutch Mantell has shared his thoughts on the company bringing back former stars recently. "If you got good creative, you don't need all those people. [If] You got good creative, you can create things with your own group, and anybody that can’t do that doesn’t need to be in the wrestling business, basically.

Because you could take a small group and tell some hellacious stories. It's like seeing a movie with stars you've never seen before."